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Julien Michaud (b. 1976) is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist based in France whose creative journey began during a period of profound change. Armed with a fine paint marker and a thick notebook, Julien started to fill each page with intricate drawings. Over the years, these pages have come alive with a rich tapestry of small pebbles, animals, people, and a kaleidoscope of colors, each contributing to an ever-expanding, balanced world.
With approximately thirty notebooks filled, Julien's artistic exploration evolved, leading him to the medium of ceramics. In 2015, he published his monograph, "Small Diary to Get Better," marking a pivotal moment in his career. His creatures, once confined to the pages of his notebooks, now inhabit the three-dimensional world of ceramics. They challenge and redefine their existence through a dynamic interplay of flat surfaces, materials, lusters, and colors
Julien's work is characterized by a constant flux, where his creations emerge, transform, and disappear, narrating their own stories, dramas, and romances. They continuously adapt, shifting colors and changing masks to the rhythm of their evolving forms, creating a captivating and ever-changing artistic universe.

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